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Self Driving Kit Features Plug n play On-Board unit Long-short range detection Enables Auto-Human Driving Mode Switching 360-degree FOV Enabled Enables Self-driving features in Human Drive Vehicles ...

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EMO is the acronym for dual seat Emotions Enabled Autonomous Vehicle. The basic purpose of the EMO was to design human inspired truly autonomous vehicle, which makes decisions using both cognitive and emotional cues. The current prototype of EMO will help the researchers, working in the field of autonomous Vehicles, to test their algorithms using its flexible architecture. The first prototype of EMO offers the following...

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Autonomy level 4 enabled electric self-driving industrial loader has been developed for the transportation of the freight from one point to another. The loader is equipped with the multi- purpose sensors i.e. (i) LiDAR for 360-degree FOV, (ii) Ultrasonic Sonars for tweak handling, & (iii) Cameras for machine vision. Customized autopilot has been designed for the loader to operate all the functionalities of the loader...

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