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Autonomy level 4

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Autonomy level 4

Autonomy level 4 enabled electric self-driving industrial loader has been developed for the transportation of the freight from one point to another. The loader is equipped with the multi- purpose sensors i.e. (i) LiDAR for 360-degree FOV, (ii) Ultrasonic Sonars for tweak handling, & (iii) Cameras for machine vision. Customized autopilot has been designed for the loader to operate all the functionalities of the loader without human intervention. The power source of the loader is 48v (4 dry-cell batteries), can operate 7 hours in the field.

Industrial Loader

  • Self driving auto pilot
  • Object and Event Detection and Response
  • Autonomous good delivery
  • Electric vehicle
  • Minimal risk condition
  • 24/7 operational capability

October 24, 2020


All, Industrial Loader

Item Feature

Self driving auto pilot